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CardX- Pipeline Inspection & Design

Here at CardGio Inc, we believe that better pipeline-design software makes for safer pipelines. With that in mind, our engineers have crafted Dela – an incredibly precise one-stop shop software for both processing geodesic field survey data and building alignment sheet maps. Dela provides the user with the perfect combination of automated features and flexibility to manually modify any aspect of the map building process.


Universal for use in both AutoCAD and MicroStation programs, Dela is supremely easy to master and operate. Our company also believes that better software should come with a better price, which is why our license prices are more affordable than that of our competitors.





CardGio Inc. offers a program package “Dela” for processing geodesic field survey data and building Alignment Sheet maps in AutoCAD and Microstation which are used in the pipeline design industry.

As an input data program “Dela” uses geodesic field survey data.


Our software was tested and approved in several construction projects in Russia and Kazakhstan. You can watch our simple video on how to create an Alignment Sheet in Microstation and AutoCAD using "Dela" software.



CardGio Inc has developed software for calculating volume of excavated land for any excavation project.  A GPS survey of the area is taken before and after excavation work and then the exact volume removed is calculated. The program then builds a grid map in AutoCAD with calculation of Cut and Fill ground amount for every grid cell. Our software gives our customers extensive money saving opportunities as it exterminates any ambiguities in estimated volume of land removed and replaces it with the exact amount.

Land Volume
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